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Bliss Jasmine Green CBD Tea | Lagom Teas

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Bliss Jasmine Green CBD Tea

  •  THC Free
  •  Made in the U.S.A.
  •  3rd Party Lab Tested
  •  Hand Crafted in Small Batches
  •  Organic
  •  Caffeinated
  •  10 Individual Tea Bags Per a Tin
  •  15mg CBD Each Bag/150mg CBD Per a Tin

Peace + Comfort

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Bliss Jasmine Green CBD Tea

Lagom Teas



Peace + Comfort

150mg CBD per Tin 

10 individually wrapped teabags – 15mg CBD per teabag



When you need a bit of clarity, what do you turn to? For some, it’s meditation. For others, the pages of a favorite book. Try adding a cup of Bliss to the mix. Bliss is a blend of green tea and jasmine-infused with just enough CBD for a meditative and soothing moment.

small-batch, organic, handcrafted 

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Lagom Teas

Lagom Teas was founded in February 2019 by 3 college friends. We come from a variety of backgrounds, both professionally and personally, but we all love cannabis and felt that there was a way to consume CBD that didn't require medicinal droppers, confusion about dosing, or unfamiliar flavors. That's where tea comes in. Tea is such an approachable (and tasty) way to explore plant-based wellness.

The name Lagom (Laah-gm) comes from Swedish. It means just enough, or just right. Basically, the feeling of everything being right where it is supposed to be, in a very simple way. Lauren, one of our founders learned this word from her grandfather (and favorite person) who used to use it to describe simple moments of bliss. For him, it meant stopping for a sandwich during a hike or reading a book in a comfortable chair. For others, it's a perfectly rolled spliff or sitting on the beach with close friends, listening to the waves. We think that the ethos of tea, combined with the power of CBD can help create little moments of lagom throughout the day.

Lagom Teas Logo

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