CBD’s fantastic benefits have quickly shot CBD edibles to fame. With the abundance of fantastic companies out there, however, we at Difiori wanted to create something entirely unique. Our signature collection of couverture chocolates blends the velvety flavor of premier Swiss chocolate with the soothing, relaxing experience that only the highest quality American hemp CBD can offer. Rather than flavors, we offer experiences: one-of-a-kind feasts of the senses that every true chocolate connoisseur and CBD lover will fall in love with.

We created Difiori to elevate the experience CBD edibles provide. Each of our chocolate bars is crafted with care and the greatest attention to detail from the finest organic ingredients. Difiori chocolate is more than the luscious velvety taste of Swiss chocolate: it’s the experience of its sweetness melting on the tip of the tongue, the tantalizing pang you get when the last smack of tannin clings to your lips, the distant places and tranquillity your mind wanders to at your happiest moments.

At Difiori, we aspired to make more than just delicious CBD chocolate. We took our time, scouring the globe for talented artisans and creative pioneers who shared our vision and could turn it into reality.

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