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Buy CBD Online fast and easy with Discreet Free Same Day Shipping On All CBD Products! Don’t know what kind of CBD product to buy or just have some questions about CBD overall? Schedule a free CBD Consultation with a CBD expert today by clicking the button above! Find out what CBD product is best for your personal needs and save yourself precious time and money!

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"This place is the place you dream of for a CBD store. Derek is soo attentive to his customer needs and does everything to get the products faster. Not to mention the deals they offer are unmatched. The shipping speed is like warp speed compared to the industry. Also, he does a great..."
"First, let me just say that it was a pleasure working with Derek! He was so patient and accommodating! I am brand new to the whole CBD world, and he took his time explaining everything to me, and putting my mind at ease really. I have already recommended him to others ! It came so quick..."
"We hit the jackpot in this company between the quality of product AND the quality of service. Not only did they take the time to listen to our needs, our desired quality of life, and our budget capabilities, they also took an immense amount of time to educate us in a way we could value and appreciate moving forward..."
"What a wonderful shop. I went in there to buy something for my mom not knowing anything about CBD products- they are so knowledgeable & caring - they take their time to answer all questions also when you email them they are immediate with the replies and put your mind at ease..."

About Us

The Mass Apothecary CBD store was started for a very simple reason. We were in your shoes (the consumer) a couple of years ago and wasted a lot of time & money trying to get a basic CBD product. After trying CBD from several different local stores and then online we finally got a CBD product that worked. But, that’s ridiculous! A consumer should be able to go to one store that has all premium quality CBD products that have been tested and proven to work. That is what we have for you at The Mass Apothecary!

All CBD products that we sell have been 3rd party lab tested and the lab reports verified + we personally have tried every CBD product we sell to ensure they work! It is just one couple that owns this CBD business, and we go above and beyond to build real relationships with our customers. We supply you with the best CBD products available at the best price guaranteed, and let you shop at ease knowing every CBD product we sell is backed by our money back guarantee as well! 

If you are new to CBD or it is your first time shopping here, we encourage you to contact us directly to ask any questions you have about CBD, and get your free CBD education consultation and personalized CBD product recommendations so you start off right!


Frequently Asked Questions

Will CBD Get Me "High"?

No! THC causes the psychoactive effects, NOT CBD. So you can consume even high doses of CBD and you will not get “high”! Note that even our full spectrum CBD products that contain the legal amount of THC (<0.3%) will not get you “high” either because it is a very small amount only there for its therapeutic benefits.

Is CBD Legal In My State?

Yes! CBD is legal in every state as long as it is Hemp derived CBD like ALL OF THE CBD PRODUCTS we have. You can rest easy knowing all of our CBD products are compliant with the 2018 Farm Bill making them legal in all 50 states.

Do I Need A Prescription?

No, you do not! All of our CBD products are compliant with the 2018 Farm Bill making them legal for anyone over the age of 18 to use and/or purchase.

Is CBD Safe For Anyone To Take?

Yes, all of our CBD products have been 3rd party lab tested for potency, heavy metals, pesticides, residue, etc. This is done to ensure all of our CBD products are safe for anyone to take.

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