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CBD American Shaman vs The Mass Apothecary

CBD American Shaman vs The Mass Apothecary
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Online you have many choices. That is true when it comes to cannabis shopping, as much as anything else. But one online cannabis store isn’t necessarily the same as another. 

Buying products infused with cannabidiol or delta 8 is becoming increasingly popular. Dosing with hemp cannabinoids provides benefits for the body and mind. Pain and stress relief are sometimes just a dose or two away.

That’s why you see internet cannabis retailers popping up all over the place. Many of these virtual hemp merchandisers have real-world retail storefronts. They exist offline as well as selling their stuff on the web. 

Merchandisers like The Mass Apothecary and CBD American Shaman sell similar goods, sure. But that doesn’t mean that there aren’t important differences. That’s why online cannabis store reviews, like this one, are helpful to hemp product consumers.

So, we’re going to look at both online shopping options so that you can decide for yourself which one is best. That way, when you want to buy some bud, vape carts, or edibles, you know where you want to shop and save some money.

We’ll compare both cannabis stores in depth. We’ll also look at the hemp-based products they sell. And we will consider customer service. Finally, we’ll make the case for the winner.

About Each Store

What should you understand about CBD American Shaman and The Mass Apothecary? They may seem much the same at first glance. But you will note that there are some significant differences.

Admittedly, both places sell quality hemp merchandise. The United States’ standards for cannabis sellers and products are high. Most manufacturers employ third-party labs to verify purity and potency. Delta 9 THC limits are mandated to be below 0.3%. These are things that both hemp merchants have in common.

But what sets them apart? Let’s take a look.

We’ll start with CBD American Shaman. Then we’ll compare The Mass Apothecary.

CBD American Shaman

Okay, what do we know about this online cannabis seller? We took a look at their website. All of the following information is from there. Everything we state can be verified by going to their online store and checking for yourself.

You’ll notice that they sell a wide variety of products. Their online store sells oils, gummies, and lotions. They also showcase hemp flower, infused edibles, and capsules. There are even solutions for family pets. 

Everything they offer is their own brand. They do not sell other companies’ quality cannabis merchandise. So, for example, if you want some Barney’s Botanicals or Hemplucid merchandise, you won’t find it here.

That said, they do promise that their products are pure and potent. As mentioned previously, they do use 3rd-party laboratory testing to verify their claims. And they legally have to follow American safety standards. Fair enough.

What about customer service? They do offer perks to shoppers on all cannabinoid merchandise.

For example, shoppers can get free shipping on total purchases over $99. They allow for a 45-day money-back guarantee if you buy from their website. Their offline retail shop only promises buyers a 30-day refund.

It all sounds okay so far. Now let’s look at the competition.

The Mass Apothecary 

Now, what about this online hemp store? How do they stack up? 

First of all, they do sell similar types of merchandise. So, you will find cannabinoid-infused tinctures, topicals, and vaping products. Do they carry hemp gummies? Yes, they do. What about pet products? Those are available as well.

Okay, so does The Mass Apothecary sell its own branded merchandise? Sure they do. However, online or offline, they also feature a number of popular cannabis brands. That already sets them apart.

You can shop both Barney’s Botanicals and Hemplucid. Other manufacturers include HHemp.co, Lumi, and more. So, not only is there variety in their products but in their providers as well. 

This company also guarantees the strength and safety of everything they sell. All of their brand partners utilize third-party lab testing to back up product claims. They, too, cannot sell delta 9 THC products that exceed 0.3%. So, these things are much the same.

How about customer service? Here’s where you start to see a big difference. 

First of all, their free shipping offer is for over $49 of total sales. That’s about half of what the other place promises. Secondly, this hemp retailer gives shoppers a 60-day money-back guarantee. That’s whether you buy online or in person at a brick-and-mortar store.

One area that really stands out is The Mass Apothecary’s 24/7 customer service consultations. And this is a free service. You read that right. They are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. That way you can consult with an actual person. They will answer customer questions and address concerns.

That’s something that few online cannabis sellers offer. That same personal touch is available in their offline cannabis stores. Now that’s customer service!

Now, let’s focus on consumer costs. We’ll contrast the money each hemp retailer charges for similar merchandise.

Comparing Cannabis Pricing 

It’s important to compare apples to apples, as the saying goes. So, we will do a side-by-side assessment of some pricing.

We’ll start with some topical cream. This is good for rubbing on specific sore muscle spots. The cannabidiol ingredient releases muscular tension and provides pain relief.

CBD American Shaman has 500mg Topical Cream CBD

  • 2oz size 
  • 250mg cannabidiol per oz
  • Costs $109.99

The Mass Apothecary has CBD + CBDa Cream

  • 1000mg CBDa Cream (500mg CBD + 500mg CBDa)
  • 2oz
  • 500mg per oz
  • Costs $69.90

Here you can see that the CBD American Shaman cream costs OVER 300% more per mg of CBD. So, it’s significantly more than buying hemp cream at The Mass Apothecary. This cannabidiol cream is the obviously better buy!

Okay, let’s try another product. This time we’ll compare oils.

CBD American Shaman sells their CBD Extra Strength Water Soluble Oil

  • It is all-natural
  • Available in 3 options:
    • 15ml Bottle 
      • 450mg cannabidiol 
      • Costs $89.99 ($0.199 per mg CBD)
    • 30ml Bottle
      • 600mg cannabidiol
      • Costs $119.99 ($0.199 per mg CBD)
    • 30ml Bottle
      • 900mg cannabidiol
      • Costs $179.99 ($0.199 per mg of CBD)

The Mass Apothecary Whole Plant Water Soluble CBD Oil

  • It is all-natural 
  • Available in 3 options:
    • 30ml Bottle
      • 600mg cannabidiol
      • $42.90 (only $0.071 per mg CBD)
    • 30ml Bottle
      • 1350mg cannabidiol
      • $89.90 (only $0.066 per mg CBD)
    • 30ml Bottle
      • 2100mg cannabidiol
      • $119.90 (ONLY $0.057 per mg of CBD)

So, between the two, American Shaman’s Water Soluble CBD Oil is OVER 250% more expensive per mg. Once again, significantly more than The Mass Apothecary’s Water Soluble CBD Oil. So, again, the latter is a much better deal!

You can go item by item, but we think you’ll find that same pattern again and again. We’ve demonstrated the difference between the two. The choice seems clear.


The Mass Apothecary has better prices and superior customer service. You can save yourself A LOT of money when you shop for cannabis products, online or offline. And you’re getting certified pure and potent hemp products.

Nowhere will you find higher-quality dosing solutions. And everything is backed by a solid guarantee. Further, shopping with this site supports a local, family-owned small business. So, there is every good reason to spend your money here.

The choice is simple. Shop at CBD American Shaman and they offer a generic quiz online. That’s how they find product recommendations for shoppers. But you’re gonna pay up to over 250% more.

Or, shop here, and get a free 1-on-1 consultation with a cannabidiol expert. They will work with you to find out what products are right for your personal needs. Plus, you’ll pay WAY less for better products personally curated for what your specific needs are!

Do yourself a favor and give us a call today at The Mass Apothecary. You’ll be pleased to find out exactly how we can help you, too!

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