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Premium CBD Vape Cartridges

  • NO Vitamin E Acetate, PG, VG, or MCT Oil
  • Pure Full Spectrum CBD Distillate
  • 250mg CBD Per A Cartridge

Available in Sour Diesel, O.G. Kush, & Pineapple Express



Premium CBD Vape Cartridges | Purlyf CBD


Purlyf CBD has made the ultimate premium CBD vape cartridges. There are 3 types of strain options, with one hybrid, one Indica, & one Sativa. This makes it very easy for you to have a different cartridge for every time of the day!


Sour Diesel | Uplift | Sativa 


Do you crave the distinctive taste of Sour Diesel, but without the heady, sometimes destabilizing effects that THC can exert? If so, allow us to introduce you to Purlyf CBD’s Uplift Vape Cartridge, made with only the most quality CBD oil. Sour Diesel is a Sativa-dominant strain that can have you feeling buzzy. With that in mind, this cartridge moves away from the grogginess and sometimes too-leisurely vibe that is analogous with some Indica strains – but since it’s entirely bereft of THC, you won’t get an unwanted high from it! This product is compatible with any universal pen or e-cigarette device and can be used throughout the day, though we recommend mornings and evenings (it’s a welcome jolt of natural energy in the morning, but it works just as well at night). It contains 200mg of CBD.

Pineapple Express | Balance | Hybrid


Maybe you’re a hybrid person. In other words, a Sativa might get you feeling too “up,” whereas an Indica might have you feeling sluggish and unable to proceed with your day as planned. If you’re looking for something that’s right in the middle of those two aforementioned vibes, check out Purlyf CBD’s new Vape Cartridge called “Balance.” The CBD oil in this product has been modeled in the vein of the Pineapple Express cannabis strain – you know, named after everyone’s favorite Seth Rogen-starring weed-powered action-comedy. Enjoy throughout the day – have a puff with your morning coffee, or take a drag after a long day at work – because this stuff will have you feeling properly balanced out, without any traces of an undesired buzz. This product can be used with any and all universal pen devices and is entirely THC free. It contains 200mg of CBD.

O.G. Kush | Relax | Indica 


You’ve had a long day. Work was annoying. Your emails in your inbox are piling up. All you want to do is head home, plop down on the couch, maybe throw on one of your favorite shows, and relax. Need something to help you chill out? This new CBD vape cartridge from Purlyf CBD contains a flavor reminiscent of everyone’s favorite potent Indica, OG Kush (a favorite among L.A.-based flower savants), but without the sometimes overpowering high that that particular strain can sometimes induce. This cartridge, which can be used with any universal vape pen or e-cigarette device, will have you feeling tranquil and languid, but still able to get up off your couch should a good enough reason arise. It contains 200mg of lab-tested and customer-approved CBD.

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Purlyf CBD's mission is to provide the world with premium CBD vape cartridges and CBD flower that exceeds all others in quality. We make high-quality products for you that are cheaper than anywhere else! All of our products are 3rd party lab-tested, organic, all-natural, and safe for all to use.

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    Reccomend. Esp for anyone looking for a smoking substitute. No nausea. Alleviating. Good taste

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