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Hemplucid Hemp + Mushroom Gummies Now Available

New Hemplucid Mushroom Gummies with Cannabis Hemp Now Available at The Mass Apothecary CBD Store

New Hemplucid Mushroom Gummies with Cannabis Hemp Now Available at The Mass Apothecary

The health benefits of hemp are also often paired with other natural remedies. This provides for combined benefits. That now includes functional mushrooms. 

The Mass Apothecary is pleased to bring this powerful combination in convenient gummy form.

We’ve partnered with Hemplucid to offer three varieties of hemp and mushroom blends. They are each named for their targeted benefits – Focus, Stress, or Sleep. 

Each is made with select cannabinoids and carefully curated mushrooms. The benefits of both combine to bring about the desired effects.

And these cannabis-infused chews are made with only all-natural ingredients. Why is that important? Because then they can be enjoyed with peace of mind.

That’s one reason why organic and herbal remedies have grown in popularity over the years. People feel good about using them. 

Both cannabis hemp and mushrooms have growing reputations as natural solutions. Both are known for helping improve and maintain wellness.

Gummies are a great way to dose hemp or other natural supplements. They usually come in small potencies. That way users can slowly gauge tolerance levels.

Further, gummies are usually sweet and flavorful. People enjoy eating these candy treats. And they’re convenient to carry in a purse or pocket to use on the go.

For all of these reasons, we’re adding these tasty treats to our stock of hemp-based solutions. We think you’ll like the flavor and the benefits they can bring.

Let’s take a closer look at the three different varieties, and what each has to offer.

Hemplucid Mushroom + CBG Focus Gummies - Grape
Focus Gummies
Hemplucid CBD + THC Stress Gummies with Mushrooms
Stress Gummies
Hemplucid CBD + CBN Sleep Gummies with Mushrooms
Sleep Gummies

Three Kinds of New Hemplucid Mushrooms Gummies 

Some consider functional mushrooms to be a superfood. Nutritionally they are a rich, low-calorie source of fiber, protein, and antioxidants. But there is even more to these fungi than that. They are also purported to have some powerful medicinal qualities.

These popular fungi have been used for centuries for mental and physical healing. Conditions that they have been used to treat include depression, allergies, and inflammation. These are areas where hemp products can also benefit users. It makes sense, therefore, to combine their effects.

This is why Hemplucid blended the benefits of select mushrooms with cannabinoids. 

Those distinctive mushroom species are Lion’s Mane, Cordyceps, and Reishi.  And they put them in products with a convenient gummy form. 

What are the three hemp and mushroom gummies we are featuring from Hemplucid? Let’s take a look at each. 

Hemplucid Mushroom + CBG Focus Gummies 

These candies contain Lion’s Mane mushrooms which are supposed to be good for the mind. They contain chemical compounds with reported benefits for mood and memory. 

Likewise, CBG can have a soothing and calming effect. It is also supposed to be energizing and brain-boosting. You can see how they might work together for clarity and concentration.

Other all-natural ingredients include caffeine, L-Tyrosine, and L-Theanine. Caffeine is obviously stimulating. It can also elevate mood as well as boost metabolism. L-Tyrosine and L-Theanine are amino acids that can improve memory and clear thinking.

Both CBD and CBG are also part of what makes these chewy treats potentially powerful. Cannabidiol, or CBD, helps fight stress and anxiety, thus calming the brain. This full spectrum CBD also contains minor cannabinoids and terpenes for enhanced effect. And CBG may additionally relax your brain while benefitting mental clarity.

Each chewy piece contains 15mg of CBG cannabinoid. That makes them so easy to dose.

Not only is each gummy full of good nutrition but they taste great, too. You’ll find natural grape flavor in every bite.

Hemplucid CBD + THC Stress Gummies with Mushrooms 

Modern life has a lot of stressors. People are concerned with politics, money, work, and social media. Fortunately, solutions like these gummies can help take the edge off the tension.

These cannabis-infused chews are made with both Reishi and Cordyceps mushrooms. 

Reishi may have beneficial properties that can lower blood pressure. They could also improve mental clarity and boost brain function.

Cordyceps are supposed to also be good for brain function. Further, they may aid in regulating blood sugars and supporting heart health. 

Both of these fungi also have additional body and mind benefits.

Cannabinoids present include full spectrum cannabidiol and delta 9 THC. The full spectrum CBD brings to bear a host of minor cannabinoids and terpenes. This creates an entourage effect that increases effectiveness. 

Small doses of 2.5mg delta 9 THC per piece can possibly reduce anxiety. They may also increase appetite and promote personal happiness.

These gummies also contain ashwagandha and gaba. The two herbs are both commonly taken to improve mood and boost brain activity.

A sweet watermelon taste makes these combined candies a pleasure to chew.

Hemplucid CBD + CBN Sleep Gummies with Mushrooms

If you make it through the stresses of the day, then you need a decent night’s sleep. These blended bite-sized chewables might be what you need. They could help you to sleep soundly all night long.

Quality rest is very important. Thus, these gummies contain both CBD and CBN cannabinoids. In fact, there is 15mg of CBN in every delicious treat.

These two cannabinoids are popularly taken before bed to promote good rest. They work with your body’s built-in endocannabinoid system. There they aid in balancing bodily functions. This homeostasis helps your body and mind relax into a deep sleep.

But there are even more organic ingredients to help you rest and awake refreshed. Added to the mix are lemon balm and valerian root. The first is an herb with calming and sleep-inducing qualities. And the second is a natural sedative.

The herbs, hemp, and mushroom have the potential to put you to sleep. Then they help you slumber serenely until morning.

These gummies, too, are tasty with a blueberry lemon flavor. 

So now you can see why we were pleased to partner with Hemplucid to bring you this amazing product.

Mass Apothecary is the Place to Get These and Other Hemp Solutions 

Currently, we carry all three varieties of Hemplucid cannabis and mushroom blend gummies. Whether you are interested in Focus, Stress, or Sleep formulas, you can find them here. 

However you decide, they are available in 30-count jars. Maybe you’ll want to try all three. The choice is yours.

Shopping with us is worry-free. Because all of our products stay below 0.3% delta 9 THC, everything is fully legal. That means that they can be shipped anywhere. That includes these mushroom gummies.

We are pleased to carry these cannabis and mushroom blends and more. We stock a wide assortment of other hemp merchandise. Mass Apothecary carries hemp flower and prerolls. We have CBD vaping products. We have cannabis edibles galore! And there’s even CBD for pets.

In addition to our gowing CBD online store, we have an offline retail location. We’ve been growing to meet your needs.

We are sure that all our customers are going to enjoy these cannabis and mushroom chews. And that you will find them a suitable addition to our wide array of hemp products.