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CBD Gummies: Why They’re Popular and the Best CBD Gummies for Sale (with coupons!)

CBD Gummies- Why They're Popular and the Best CBD Gummies for Sale - with coupons

CBD gummies are quickly becoming one of the most popular ways to consume CBD. But what are they? Why are they so popular? How effective are they? And what types of CBD gummies are available? In this blog post, we will answer all of those questions and more! We’ll also take a look at the best CBD gummies on the market right now. So keep reading to learn everything you need to know about CBD gummies and get an exclusive discount code for the highest-quality CBD gummies for sale online!

What are CBD gummies and what types of CBD gummies are there?

CBD gummies are an edible product that has CBD in them. They most commonly come in either gummy cubes or gummy bears and are very popular because of the fact that they are tasty, effective, discreet, and convenient. There are 2 main types of CBD gummies – broad-spectrum CBD gummies and full-spectrum CBD gummies.

Full Spectrum CBD Gummies

Full-spectrum CBD gummies are typically the most effective type of CBD gummies. A full-spectrum CBD gummy is made with everything from the hemp plant, including cannabinoids, flavonoids, terpenes, vitamins, minerals, and omegas. Full spectrum CBD gummies have trace amounts of delta 9 THC (<0.3%), but this is strictly for the therapeutic benefit and do not give you any kind of “high” feeling. This means that full-spectrum gummies provide all the benefits of the hemp plant in one handy gummy form. In general, full-spectrum gummies are more effective than isolate or broad-spectrum gummies because they contain a wider range of beneficial compounds. If you’re looking for maximum effectiveness, full-spectrum CBD gummies are the way to go.

Broad Spectrum CBD Gummies

Broad-spectrum CBD gummies are quickly becoming more popular. Broad-spectrum CBD gummies are a great option for anyone looking for a THC-free gummy. There are many situations, such as a job, that require individuals to take drug tests, and this is when a broad spectrum CBD gummy is the best option. A broad-spectrum CBD gummy consists of every compound found in the hemp plant except for THC. This means you get the most effective benefits hemp and CBD has to offer without worrying about consuming THC.


What To Look For When Buying CBD Gummies

Third-Party Lab Tested

The CBD market is flooded with CBD edibles such as CBD gummies and unfortunately, the honest truth is that many of these CBD products don’t have the advertised amount of CBD in them, or even worse, they have harmful compounds such as pesticides or heavy metals. As a consumer looking to buy CBD gummies online, you want to make sure that you only buy CBD gummies that are 3rd party lab tested at an ISO certified laboratory. Every CBD product such as CBD gummies should be lab tested in batches with batch numbers and their corresponding lab results readily available for you to find. At The Mass Apothecary, all the CBD products for sale including CBD-infused gummies have unique batch number identifiers on them and you can go right to massapothecary.com/lab-results and find the certificate of analysis for every product.

Organic, Vegan, and All-Natural Ingredients

Vegan CBD gummies. Organic CBD gummies. All-natural CBD gummies. These are all things you might hear when searching Google for high-quality CBD gummies for sale. In all reality, when you are looking at actual premium CBD gummies, you should know for a fact that they have all 3 of these characteristics. The highest quality brands that offer CBD gummies take it an extra step and have certifications for their CBD gummies such as USDA certified organic or certified vegan gummies. These are not “must-haves”, but if you want the best and highest quality CBD gummies on the market, then you want to try to buy CBD gummies that are USDA certified organic and certified vegan.

Extraction Method Used

Not all CBD products or CBD gummies are equal. One of the biggest things that sets one CBD gummy apart from another that seems very similar is the extraction method that was used to get the raw CBD used in making the gummies.

You will see several popular extraction methods that CBD brands use, but the best of the best is CBD which is extracted using a method called supercritical Co2 extraction. Supercritical Co2 extraction is not only one of the most effective methods for extracting CBD (where it keeps all the other natural compounds such as flavonoids, other cannabinoids, terpenes, etc.) but it is the safest extraction method as it doesn’t use harmful ingredients. This means that this extraction method is also one of the most expensive extraction methods available so many brands try to cut costs by using other cheaper and less safe extraction methods. If you want to make sure you are getting the best CBD gummies, then make sure they are made with CBD that is extracted with supercritical Co2 extraction.


CBD edibles such as CBD gummies have to go through our whole digestive system before the CBD is absorbed into our bodies which means you lose some of the CBD before your body gets a chance to process it. This means that the potency of CBD gummies you buy online is very important. You want to buy CBD gummies that are not too low in CBD concentration but also not unnecessarily high in CBD concentration. Having used CBD products and selling them for several years, I have found out that the ideal potency for CBD gummies is usually around 25mg per gummy. With 25mg of CBD per gummy, you get that perfect amount of CBD packed into each CBD gummy, and usually, taking 1 gummy is sufficient for most people’s needs and if you do need a little more then all you need to do is take a second gummy or even second half of a gummy.

CBD Infused Gummies

As I stated earlier in this article, the CBD market is filled with many poor-quality CBD products and CBD edibles in particular. Another way that many CBD brands try to cut costs or cut corners is by saving time and money on the production of CBD gummies by spraying the CBD on each gummy. This isn’t necessarily a “bad” thing, but when there are CBD gummies that are infused with CBD rather than sprayed with CBD it is clear that the CBD-infused gummies are the ideal choice over regular gummies that are just sprayed with CBD. This is because CBD-infused gummies are of higher quality overall and the CBD is evenly distributed throughout the gummy rather than just on the outside of the CBD gummies.

Consumer Reviews

Last, but definitely not least important, you want to check out what your fellow CBD users have to say. Checking for consumer reviews of the CBD gummies or any CBD products you are considering buying is a must-do. This allows you to see what other people think about the particular hemp CBD gummies you are looking at and also what they use them for.

Also, as important if not more important, looking for reviews of the CBD store or website you are going to buy your CBD edibles from is key. You want to make sure that not only will you get what you are paying for, but also that you get the type of customer service and guarantees you deserve. This means checking CBD shop reviews for shipping speed, overall customer service, pricing, and making sure that the CBD store you order from has a best price guarantee and more importantly a money-back guarantee.

Buying CBD Edibles Online - What Are The Best CBD Gummies Available?




The Best CBD Gummies - Last Thoughts

Buying CBD gummies online can seem like a hard task and overwhelming, but with this guide and recommendations for the best CBD gummies, your search just got much easier! 

There is always so much more than just the best price or even finding the best CBD gummies. When buying CBD online, you want to make sure you buy from a reputable CBD store that not only helps you find the right CBD products for your personal needs, but also has high quality customer service available for you.

Why Buy CBD Online At The Mass Apothecary CBD Store?

At The Mass Apothecary, we truly care about our customers and helping people is our #1 priority! If you have any questions or want a free CBD consultation, please do not hesitate to call us at anytime!

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