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Why Buying CBD on Amazon is a Bad Idea

Why Not To Buy CBD On Amazon
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You’re hearing everyone you know talking about that amazing 3 letter word, CBD, and all of its amazing benefits. Now, you’re starting to think “I should get some CBD oil for myself.” Like the majority of the population, when there’s something you want to buy, you go to that online store that seems to have everything….Amazon. You get to Amazon, and after typing those 3 letters…CBD, you see several thousand results. Some of the more popular products are only $19.99 or $26.99. Your thinking WOW, I can’t believe what a great deal I can get on CBD products! But wait, before you click that order button, do you know if the product your buying even has CBD in it?

“Amazon prohibits the sale of ANY products containing cannabidiol (CBD) on their site.”

Remember when you were younger, and your parents would say “if something seems to good to be true, it probably isn’t.” Buying CBD products on Amazon is the perfect example of this. With Amazon prohibiting the sale of CBD products on their site, you can be sure that any Hemp Oil products you buy from there will have zero CBD in them. Your probably asking yourself, then what am I buying if it’s not CBD? The answer is simple. You are buying products that contain Hemp Seed Oil rather than Hemp Oil (CBD).

Hemp Oil vs Hemp Seed Oil

Hemp Seed Oil is made by cold pressing hemp seeds together until you get the oil from within the seeds out. The important fact to know about hemp seed oil is that it contains virtually no CBD at all.

Hemp Oil is made from the stalks, flowers, & leaves from a hemp plant usually done with a much more complex CO2 extraction process. This oil is full of cannabinoids (like CBD), that are found in Hemp or Cannabis plants. 

The main take away from the difference of these oils is:

Hemp Seed Oil has NO CBD and is much cheaper.

Hemp Oil contains High Concentrations of CBD and is more expensive.

Final Thoughts 

While shopping for many items on Amazon is ideal, buying CBD products on Amazon isn’t. Because Amazon doesn’t allow the sale of CBD products, in all reality you’re just purchasing products you think have CBD when they don’t.

There are many great quality CBD products out there ranging all the way from CBD oil tinctures to health and beauty CBD products. Unfortunately, like with all popular wellness products, there are also a lot of low quality CBD products or even products that have no CBD at all.

Tips to buying high quality CBD products:  

1. ONLY buy products that have been 3rd party lab tested 

2. Look for brands/products that have good consumer reviews 

3. Go to an actual CBD store rather than a smoke shop or any random online store 

At The Mass Apothecary, we take all of the hassle out of finding quality CBD products. First of all, we personally have tried all the products that we sell and use CBD ourselves on a regular basis. All of our products are 3rd party lab tested with certificates of analysis available in-store or on our website. Plus we have our Best Price Guarantee, so not only do you get the highest quality CBD products but at the best prices too!

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